Catherine Grillos doesn’t just deliver a singing telegram, she delivers a 10-15 minute (or 20-30 minute) personalized performance that’s pure interactive entertainment.

She enters the room in costume and character, with expressive, stage-seasoned voice and knowing lots of little secrets about the honoree (or, if you wish, the “embarrassee”).

Catherine’s impersonations are immediately recognizable celebrities, like Marilyn Monroe, Dolly Parton, Liza Minelli, Lucy Ricardo, Mae West, Carmen Miranda, Elvira as well as a wide selection of characters from Catherine’s overflowing costume closet:

Police officer, operatic singer, rock star, nurse, nun, dominatrix, baseball player, gypsy fortune-teller, secretary, Santa’s elf, even a space alien with a singing pineapple for a head (OK, not as popular as the dominatrix, but the point is: you ask for it, Catherine can create it for you.)

Be sure to have your cameras and camcorders ready to record your honored (and surprised) guest’s expressions and interactions with whichever of Catherine’s colorful characters you have invited to your party.